Rachael Recommends August 2022

Posted by Rachael McDonald on August 23, 2022

Rachael Recommends: Thrive Market

If you seek to feed yourself and your family a healthy diet filled with nutrient-dense foods that are responsibly sourced and high quality, then you know how expensive it can be. Today I want to share about a company that can help with this a bit.

I have been a customer of Thrive Market for a couple of years now. Thrive Market is an online company whose mission is to find ways to make healthy eating and living more affordable. See their full mission here.

I receive no financial profit or gain from recommending them to you. I have no stake in the company; in fact, they are not even aware of my endorsement. I'm just a happy consumer passing along my knowledge of one solution to the problem so many of us face with the high expense of healthy eating.

Thrive Market does require a "membership" to join; however, there is no minimum purchase requirement, you can cancel any time you'd like, and they guarantee a price match if you find a product less expensive elsewhere. 

For your perusing pleasure, I thought I'd share some of my personal favorite brands and products available on ThriveMarket.com.

Primal Kitchen - sauces, dressings

Simple Mills - crackers, cookies, baking mixes, icing

Yum Earth - kid's candy and gummy snacks

Annie's - kid's gummy snacks

Noble Made - sauces

Eden Foods - sprouted nuts/seeds, beans

Lotus Foods - rice, noodles

Cocokind - skincare

Pacifica - skincare

Badger - skincare

MyChelle - skincare

Thrive Market Brand - I purchase canned fish, coconut wraps, coffee, sauces, coconut milk, and more!

Most of these brands/products can be found at other stores; however, I like Thrive because they offer them at a discounted rate and have deals and promotions often.

As always, thanks for taking the time to browse my picks! I hope this months were helpful and life-enhancing!